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Venture Charters March 2021. Plan of action: an organised programme of measures to be taken in order to achieve safe working practice in regards Covid 19 whilst engaged in operations on-board Venture Charters vessel. General Information While social distancing measures are still being advised, we have to limit the number of divers aboard Venture to a maximum of 8 customers plus a maximum of 2 crew. Meet at agreed embarkation point as per normal whilst adhering to social distance measures. By booking with us you take full responsibility for any risk of COVID-19 infection when on-board or interacting with other divers. Do not book or travel with us if you have any of the published symptoms of Covid-19. On board you will have access to sanitisers and hand wash but please ensure you bring your own. Antibacterial hand wash will be readily available for divers through the day. By limiting the boat to 8 Divers we will maintain the Social Distance Guidelines. Boarding of the boat will be in the order displayed. Disembarking a reversal of embarkation. Divers will be expected to respect each other’s areas & not move around the boat unless under the guidance of the skipper and crew. Access to the cabin for storage of personal items or seating whilst traveling to and from our intended diving site mark will be denied but allowed on request whilst wearing a facemask. As divers we often bring far more than required. I urge everyone to consider lightening their load and bring net bags to create more space around the boat. We have increased the number of rubbish bins aboard Venture and request they are used as per normal from your allocated position. We encourage you to take your own rubbish home for disposal in the first instance. Access to the toilet will still be available. Toilet facilities are cleaned & disinfected every evening as part of our normal routine, this practise will continue with added attention to ensuring all handrails and other exposed areas of possible contamination are correctly disinfected. Disinfectant spray if available, ensure you use this on the switches, taps, and door handles after each use. Buckets are provided into each position, with lanyard so divers can obtain fresh sea water. Additionally, individual sponges and bait boards (bucket lids) supplied. Buckets will be disinfected, all lanyards left overnight in a 1:50 dilution of bleach and water. Facemasks although currently not compulsory; they are a strongly advised option for divers. In these times of national crises, we encourage all divers to come equipped with anything they feel comfortable and safe with – gloves, masks, visors etc. Individual, small group and full boat bookings. With the reduction in numbers aboard Venture, for cost purposes and in the interest of fairness all bookings will be treated as individual. During phase 2 of reducing Covid restrictions (please see appendix 1 below) individual groups must not consist of more than 6 persons and from maximum of 2 households. Venture Charters is running organised sports events so will adhere to the directions given in appendix 1. New Price structure Unfortunately, UK Government grant schemes released as a result of this pandemic do not cover the shortfall in costings imposed by the reduced operating numbers. We have covered the shortfalls in costs up to January 2021 but in the interests of fairness all round we have to address the current price structure. Our price structure needs to change to ensure operational costs are covered over coming months in addition to maintaining our survival for when we return to our normal compliment of divers. We are in touch daily with various authorities and political parties in the hope to achieve some level of support. These prices are subject to change. Any changes will be notified to all divers immediately. This will be implemented initially for June, July and August 2020 and be under constant review as per Government advice. Updated and amended as of March 2021. In the interests of fairness to our divers we will be operating at a reduced overall cost for the boat by charging spaces on an individual basis. Spaces are charged from £75 per person with the maximum number of divers at 8. Payment We are happy to receive cash payment; you are encouraged to have the correct amount ready for the planned trip. BACS and PayPal payments are accepted; these electronic transfers are to be made on the evening before your trip once sailing is confirmed. Please ignore any other pricing on this site during Covid 19 influance. Responsibility As a business we continue to maintain all required licenses to operate within the law and MCA Code of Practice. Our Duty of Care at sea remains unchanged and we strive as ever to offer an enjoyable and safe time afloat During the COVID19 pandemic we are all ultimately responsible for our actions and ensuring the safety of ourselves and all around us. Please be thoughtful and considerate to everyone you meet aboard Venture. Appendix 1. As of 14-03-2021 Quoted text “2. From 29 March At this stage, some further settings will be permitted to open. This will include outdoor sports facilities such as: · gyms · swimming pools · sports courts (such as tennis and basketball courts) · golf courses, including mini golf · water sports venues · climbing walls · driving and shooting ranges · riding arenas at riding centres · archery venues People can use these venues in a group of six people, or with members of up to two households. At this step, formally organised outdoor sport will also return - this can include a larger number of participants, provided that appropriate steps are taken to make it COVID-Secure in line with the law. Indoor facilities, such as changing rooms, should not be used at this time, although toilet facilities can be accessed. At this stage, these gatherings must only include participants - not spectators.” At Venture Charters we will continue to run with organised Dive charters and provide facilities to effectively and safely isolate for a maximum of 8 participants and 2 members of crew.

charter boat plymouthVenture is a Marine Coastguard Agency registered charter boat, Category 2. I hold a RYA Yacht master for commercial vessels up to 200ton and a DTI Able Seaman's ticket.

I am a BSAC advanced diver and hold a HSE Surface Supply commercial diving qualification and have been diving sport and commercial for over 40 years, and skippered for the same time, with a 100% safety record, our duty of care will ensure your safety.

Recent additions on Venture 

Professional Stern Lift You will be able to walk off the back and be recovered effortlessly in all weather conditions.

New Digital Sounder Module Will pinpoint exactly that reef pinnacle or the part of a wreck you wish to visit.

New Trim Tabs For ensuring you have a stable and soft trip between dive sites.

New Electric Toilet No more pumping, just one press of a button.  

I can take 10 passengers up to sixty miles from a safe haven. Venture is also a registered work boat available for hire as a safety boat, media work, Dive support etc, and can carry 1000 kg of cargo on commercial operations.

Venture is powered by a 370 HP Iveco common rail diesel, which gives off no fumes. Unloaded it will reach 20knots, but when loaded it is better all round to stay to 10/12 knots, which gives a stable and quieter ride. Venture has a heated cabin so if the UK weather strikes you can stay warm.

If a customer requires time logged behind a boat wheel they can drive the boat to and from sites. I can recommend local accommodation and pick up from Mountbatten Centre or Guys Marina in Sutton Harbour.


Extend your diving weekend by including a Monday or a Friday at a rate you can afford.  If you book a weekend you can have Venture for half price on the Friday or the Monday that's £300 for the boat including two dives and hot snacks !    (Applies for one of the days only)

Check out our latest (September) Dolphin encounter

Midweek deals.... We will take a minimum of six during midweek at £60.00 per head for two dives, all the popular sites and that includes hot snacks. 

Customers can have fish in-between dives and take some fresh mackerel home if they wish.


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  • Diver Skipper
  • Diver Stern Lift
  • Hot Snacks
  • All The Popular Diving Sites
  • Weekday
  • Weekend
  • Prices: £600 a day for boat hire 10 divers max

    Mid-Week Deals on boat hire negotiable, Contact Us Or Make a Booking inquiry

  • For great accommodation close to Mount Batten dive centre contact Rod or Ann at:
  • tel: 01752 492232 Rod: 07812 431982

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